Coronavirus advice

We understand that you might be feeling worried about the Coronavirus(COVID-19) and your MS.

We have put this page together as an information resource, it will be updated with new information as appropriate.

Whether you have had symptoms of the Coronavirus or not we are trying to capture as much information on how you are coping at this time. It is really important that we capture how people with MS are dealing with the guidelines set out by the government and also details on any confirmed cases of COVID19. We would be very grateful if you could log on (or join if you are not already a participant) and complete the questionnaires that appear for you on your My MS Hub page.

Already over 3600 people have completed the first Coronavirus questionniare (as of April 20th) and we thank those that have contributed so far. Please see below for a video of the results collected so far.

If you are concerned about anything you should contact your GP or MS Healthcare team.

Are you a clinician and want to report an anonymsed Coronavirus case? Click Here

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Advice & Resources

The NHS have a great page on the symptoms of Coronavirus and how to stay safe:

If you suspect you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) this is an NHS questionnaire which helps you decide what to do: or you should call 111

The UK Government has a selection of resources here:

Including advice if you or someone in your household has contracted the virus:

MS and the Coronavirus

A resource to help families understand the relationship between MS and coronavirus

Advice from the government for people who are more vulnerable (including people with MS)

MS Society pages

MS Trust pages

Shift MS is a social network for people with MS Founded by MSers for MSers

DMTs and Coronavirus- the Associated British Neurologists have released guidance on the use of Disease Modifying Therapies in MS in response to the threat of a Coronavirus epidemic

International advice from the MS International Federation

Caring for yourself

Every Mind Matters has resources for making sure that your mental health is also being cared for. It has advice on de-stressing, anxiety, sleeping, and low mood

This Guardian article has some tips on entertaining children and exercise at home during isolation