Who's Working With Us?

Glasgow Caledonian Uni

Prof Doreen McLurg
Intermittent Self Catheterisation

Questionnaire hosting


Dr Klaus Schmierer
Cladribine Survey

Questionnaire/poll hosting

Dr David Baker
What do people with MS call themselves?

Questionnaire/poll hosting

Dayo Afalabi
Mapping EDSS to EQ5D

Prof G Giovannoni

Questionnaire hosting

Validation Bournemouth University

Dr Roger Baker
Emotional Processing

Queens Medical Centre

Prof C Constantinescu
Effect of Ace Inhibitors on Neurology

Southampton University

Dr I Galea
Prognosis In MS

Questionnaire hosting

Glasgow University

Prof Lorna Paul
Web based physiotherapy in MS

Questionnaire hosting


Prof Moss-Morris
Impact of Pain in MS – Register as a mailing list


Leeds University

Prof Sue Pavitt
Recruitment for Clinical Trials


Dr Jeremy Chataway
Vitamin D proof of concept

Cardiff University

Prof Neil Robertson
Mapping between the MS Register and an established Clinical Cohort

Exeter University

Prof Colin Green
Collecting the preferences of people with MS for different health-related scenarios

Questionnaire hosting

MS Society

MY MS My needs
Questionnaire hosting

Nottingham University

Dr Nadina Lincoln
Cognitive Rehabilitation for Attention and Memory in Multiple Sclerosis CRAMMS

Questionnaire hosting and interview recruitment

Exeter University

Dr Liz Goodwin
Discreet choice Employment and MS

Questionnaire hosting

Göttingen University

Dr Peter Flachenecker
EMSP Platform PRO Project

Data access

Oxford Brookes

Dr Shelly Coe
Food Frequency Questionnaire

Questionnaire hosting

Nuffield Trust and MS Society

Technology and MS workshop