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Conduct research on the data we already hold

Host a questionnaire on our web platform

Conduct recruitment to a Clinical trial

All applications are welcome. The success of the application is based on content, potential participant burden, impact and relevance to people with MS. The process from initial discussion to deployment of data can take up to six months, depending on what is required. The deployment of a questionnaire will be scheduled into one of the biannual windows when participants are asked to return to complete their questionnaires.

Applications are reviewed by the MS Register Information Governance Review Panel (IGRP). This panel is made up of senior clinicians, people with MS, academics and researchers with interests in MS and a representative from the MS Society. The purpose of the board is to review incoming requests from researchers. In order to ensure that they have a relevant and interesting scientific question. They also take a position on how the question is likely to be received amongst the Register audience.

Application Process

  • Initial phone/email discussion
  • Completion of the scoping form
  • Phone/email discussion on likely work schedule times and likely cost based on initial talks and scoping document, if application was to be successful
  • IGRP panel review*
  • Decision communicated
  • Work begins on date agreed**

*Please note – The panel meet quarterly (please enquire for dates). Once the panel has met you will receive guidance within four weeks.

**Once the panel has approved an application for data, the minimum turn around for access to this data is three months. If there is a questionnaire involved then the UK MS Register will have discussed the window that this can be scheduled into y this stage, but it could be up to a year away.


The Register charges a small amount to cover the costs of accessing the existing data and also for the design, hosting and deployment of questionnaires. Please call the team for more information.

MS Society Grants

Other Services

Data Hosting & Data Linkage

We can securely host datasets which are only accessible by you and your team. Our research platform also offers a data linkage service to allow you to work with more data.

Research Platform

Register Platform Consulation Services

We are pleased to offer any advice on setting up a Register and can even go further in offering platform design and hosting. Please call for more information.

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