UK MS Register Datathon

5-6th July 2022: Applications are now closed thanks for your interest

More and more, research requires skills in analysing large data sets. Exciting discoveries have been made using electronic health care data but working with big data can be challenging. To get the best out of your data you need to make sure you are using the latest and greatest tools and techniques in data analysis and manipulation. 

The UK MS Register team at Swansea University have a unique offer for you - the chance to learn how to use these tools and test them on real world data from the UK MS Register. The UK MS Register’s first ever Datathon is scheduled for 5th and 6th July 2022, immediately before the MS Society’s MS Frontiers conference which is being held this year at Swansea University’s beautiful Bay Campus. 

Dates 5th and 6th July 2022
Location Swansea Bay Campus
Cost The event, accommodation and food are free, however there is a £50 administration fee

Preference will be given to those working in the field of MS and to early career researchers (PhD students, Early Career Fellows and Post-doctoral researchers, including the clinical equivalents)

Attendees are encouraged to attend MS Frontiers 2022 on 7th and 8th July at the same location to present some of their findings from the Datathon.. This is a good opportunity for personal and professional growth and also to share your work with colleagues in the MS research community. There are a limited number of reduced rate tickets available for MS Frontiers 2022 available for Datathon delegates - see website for more details.

What will the course feature?

You will develop your fundamental skills in data loading, cleansing and basic manipulation within small collaborative groups with support and guidance from the UK MS Register team. From there you’ll progress to more advanced techniques for linking datasets and learn methods for producing descriptive statistics. Finally you’ll proceed to more advanced statistical analyses tasks such as time to event analysis or multivariable linear regression modelling. 

This course will be taught in the R language, giving you valuable skills in this core, free, language that is used extensively in data science and medicine. 

By the end of the course you will be let loose on selected, appropriate anonymised datasets from the UK MS Register to test your newly developed R skills.

The course will feature taught and small collaborative work sessions where attendees have the chance to learn about data analysis using the large and varied dataset that is the UK MS Register.

Day One includes introductions to health informatics and linked datasets, fundamentals of the R language and analytical methods. Day Two includes more teaching and a chance to work on a particular question/aspect/idea using anonymised UK MS Register Data. As part of day two, attendees will work on producing a poster within their group, to be displayed at MS Frontiers 2022 in our own Datathon poster category. Posters will be judged by an MS Frontiers committee and prizes awarded.

Why Apply?

  • Learn or hone your analytical skills for large diverse datasets
  • Opportunity to collaborate, and explore UK MS Register Data
  • Chance to explore the data the UK MS Register holds
  • Chance to address a particular question of interest to you
  • Opportunity to network with other MS and data researchers and share learning
  • Earn CPD (Continual Professional Development) points.

What is included?

  • An Introduction to Health Informatics and see the power of big data in MS research
  • Learn about other research that has been done with the UK MS Register data
  • An Introduction to R
    • Loading, cleansing, linking and manipulating data
    • Univariate and multivariate statistical analysis
  • Access to MS Register data in order to address a particular question/aspect/idea
  • Accommodation for one or two nights depending on what you need.
Day One Refreshments, lunch and dinner
Day Two Breakfast, lunch and refreshments.
Accommodation is provided for free

Costs for taking part event

  • The event is free (including accommodation), however there is a £50 booking fee that is required if your application is successful. 
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to purchase their own tickets to attend the MS Frontiers conference. Reduced-rate tickets are available to early-career researchers, including PhD students, Early Career Fellows and Post-doctoral researchers, including the clinical equivalents. There are a limited number of reduced rates that we are able to offer successful applicants who are not eligible for reduced-rate tickets via MS Frontiers 2022- please indicate on the application form if you wish to apply for a reduced rate ticket.

Applications are now closed thanks for your interest