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The overarching aim of the trial (Octopus) is to find treatments that can slow down, and ultimately stop, the progression of disability in people with MS. If you believe you have progressive MS and are interested in taking part in Octopus, you can register your interest

Octopus Hospital sites are opening up slowly over the next few months and will begin to start calling those who appear eligible after completing the eligibility survey

  • The initial capacity of the trial is 125 per arm (375) continuing into the second ‘stage’ to 600 per arm.
  • Following the first analysis (which will be around 3.5 years), we will know which treatments demonstrate benefit and further investigation and therefore how many arms will continue during stage two.
  • As there has been a large amount of interest in this trial already it may take a while, to get back to you which could be up to a year depending on hospital sites opening and capacity to review and confirm your eligibility. However, please be assured we will continue to be in contact regularly and to keep you updated on the trial progress.

Please see here for more information on Octopus